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Criminal consultation to detained truck drivers

The transport by earth is one of the roads of distribution of mercantile products more used in the entire world. This happens fundamentally due to the effectiveness of the nets of communication that vary for the transfer of objects of any kinds in a quick, economic and sure way. there are territorial agreements that still make more flowing the intercontinental communication by means of the frontiers of different countries, although it is certain that it constitutes a point in favor of the international economy, it is also a verifiable fact that becomes a breach for the expansion of fraudulent goods, substances whose consumption remains prohibited in diverse countries, products that don't have the necessary licenses for its distribution and latter sale; etc.. The truck drivers, who have been stopped by the commission of certain violation to the effective laws, can receive the precise orientation so that it is revised in a guessed right way and consequent the reason of the interruption of their labor activity on the part of the pertinent local authorities.

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How can it help the detained truck drivers the advice of a lawyer penologist?

The lawyer penologist knows the laws that settle down, so much for the Criminal Code of the country where the detained person is, as the laws of the International Criminal Right. Also, he/she knows the rights and the workers' duties in the concerning thing to the transport by surface mail, as well as the main actions, measures of security, etc. that intend on the part of the national and/or international juridical system for the correct realization of this type of economic activity.

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Also, the offices of lawyers penologists offer services of urgent advice, to guide from a quick way to the truck drivers that are detained and that, consequently, they are temporarily disabled for the execution of the foreseen activity that these should be carried out under the control from the company to which belongs and/or the institution for which they have been hired to carry out the shipment of goods.

What activities related to the work of the truck drivers do they constitute crimes punished by the law and how can it help the intervention of a professional to the clarification of the cases of detentions for the supposed incidence in them?

In first instance, it is important to carry out a section to consider the crimes related to the transport of drugs; since, in these cases, the person involved is not only incurring in the violation from the concerning laws to the nature of the merchandise and its strictest legality inside the codes settled down in the order of the economic and mercantile activities; but rather it is also involved in the realization of a crime that is very serious. This crime is considered: the Traffic of Drugs or Drug traffic. In these cases the consultation of a professional is indispensable during the first moments in which the detention lapses, since it is of crucial importance for the person that a correct identification of the infraction type that the chauffeur of the vehicle has been able to make if he is associated to some criminal organization or to a net of important Drug traffic or if he has been captured exclusively for the transport of the substance. On the other hand, it is important that they are considered for the quantity and the product type that it was transported; without stopping to keep in mind that the truck driver could ignore the presence of this substance inside the vehicle. For example, the substance achieves to be hidden and/or contained by other objects like they can be the electronic devices, the confidential shipping of international mail, etc.; so that it is the own company contractor the one in charge of responding for that merchandise, instead of the chauffeur of the truck.

On the other hand, they are the crimes associated to the traffic of people, those which can happen with the truck driver's consent, or without to the point of carrying human shipment in their vehicles. In this last case, the illegal emigrants who can hide inside the load to deceive certain opposite without the chauffeur notice their presence. It is important to consider the arguments of implied people that can end up being quite subjective, reason therefore it is indispensable that the detainee has a professional help, an expert on this type of cases.

Also the truck drivers, as all the people who remain during hours after the steering wheel of a vehicle motor, are frequently stopped to incur in highway accidents that can affect at a third, in the most serious cases causing them the death. In that sense, it is crucial that the circumstances are examined carefully in which the facts have happened , since diverse ways exist of Criminalizing the crimes of this type that take place in highway, according to the graveness of the facts.

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Finally, they are the infractions that, even being less serious for the society, they are the cause of the involved person's immediate detention, like they can be the merchandise transport "not declared" that moves in the black market, the incidence in a certain number of infractions of the system of viable security, the realization of their work under the effects of the alcohol or other drugs, etc..

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